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What we collect!

MV Greenpeace

A short history of the vessel.

by Alyn Lunt
25th of October 2010

The MV Greenpeace



Originally built as an Ocean going salvage tug, the MV Greenpeace began her sea going career as the Elbe in 1959. She was acquired by Greenpeace in 1977 and entered service with them in 1986 after being refit and modernized.

MV Greenpeace took over from the Rainbow Warrior which was sunk by French commandos in 1985. In her 15 years with Greenpeace, the Black Pig as she was referred as by her crew sailed around the world several times. While protesting submarine launched trident missiles in 1989 she was rammed by US Naval ships.

In 1993 activists aboard the Greenpeace exposed Russia’s dumping of 900 tonnes of radioactive waste into the Sea of Japan. In 1995 while protesting against French nuclear tests in French Polynesia she was boarded and her crew detained while in international waters. In 2001 the MV Greenpeace was replaced by the MV Esperanza and converted back to her original form and is now a museum ship. 

 GP 3                                  GP4

These stamps were issued by Romania on March 6, 1997. They are perforated 13.5 on all sides.  

MV Greenpeace Technical Specifications:
Tonnage: 1,176 BRT
Length: 58.06 m
Beam: 11.22 m
Draught: 5.2 m
Propulsion: Two main Diesel, Smit M.A.N. RB 666/7
Speed: 13.5 knots
Boats and landing craft carried: 1 Avon Searider SR 7.4 m.; 3 Avon D465 RIB
Capacity: 38 

Green Peace SS Sheet 




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