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Stamporama Anniversary
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Stamporama Anniversary
The Stamp Club for People Who Love Stamps

What we collect!
What we collect!

Meet the Management Team

The following people (in alphabetical order) are the volunteers who keep Stamporama working.

Al Gore

Hillsborough, North Carolina USA
Discussion Board Moderator and APS Representative

Al was an off and on collector for US until 1985 when he got more serious. In 2003, he expanded his interest to some Asian countries after travelling the far east on business. After a snowstorm in 2016, Al went all in to collecting and expanded his interest to mostly British Empire with declining interest in the US due to cost of older material. He is a quantity (lots of common) vs rarity (more expensive) type collection and now is a 50 year member of APS. The Internet and Steiner pages made the biggest difference.

Antonio Len-Rios

Saint Paul, Minnesota USA

Antonio's collecting interests are US stamps and postal history, Panama stamps and postal history and Worldwide covers.

Dan Cohen

Bayside, NY USA
Ombudsman Team Lead

Dan is interested in all United states stamps, but particularly the early 19th century.

David Teisler

New York, NY USA
Stamporama President

David's primary interests are in US postal history and military postal history. He also collects the postal history of Cleveland and postcard souvenir folders (you know, those 20 postcards of Yellowstone or Niagara Falls in a little folder). He collects Christmas seals and related (Boy's Town, Wildlife Conservation) material and is the editor of Seal News, the journal of the Christmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society.

Jan-Simon Hoogschagen

Sint Maarten, Netherlands

Jan-Simon has been collecting stamps since childhood, but it wasn't until the advent of the World Wide Web that he found new interest in his collection, when it turned out that there were sites where you could get in touch with collectors all over the world, to trade stamps with or for some smalltalk. Sites like Stamporama. The collection has really grown since then and after completing the obvious countries like Canada, Western Europe etc. except for the really expensive and the most recent ones, the focus is now on countries many people seem to disdain, like Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Nepal and most recently Egypt. These countries are so much more interesting than those that everybody collects, but then again… there is no disputing about taste.

Besides stamps Jan-Simon spends a lot of time on other pastimes, most importantly a study and reenactment of the early Middle Ages, which takes him back some 1000 years at many weekends in summer. He also likes music a lot, tries to go to concerts whenever he can and writes for a music magazine.

Randy Kerr

Greenville, Michigan USA

Randy has been a stamp collector since he was around 10, but ignored it later for cars and girls! His interest in stamps was greatly renewed with the advent of the internet. Among other stamp collecting areas, he is passionate about revenue stamps of all kinds - federal, state and local. He is also interested in Michigan postal history and is trying to complete a collection of postmarks from every Michigan town. Other than stamps, Randy collect Detroit Tigers baseball cards and commemorative baseballs. He has quite an extensive baseball library!

Tim Auld

Hastings, MN USA (originally from Sydney, Australia)

Tim's primary collecting interest started out being Australia, but has expanded to include many of the British Commonwealth countries including New Zealand, Falkland Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, Cape of Good Hope and Southern Rhodesia. Tim is also very interested in collecting Minnesota cancelations and postal history in general. Similar to Randy, Tim is endeavoring to collect cancels from all the Minnesota Post Offices.

Tim is a complete and utter geek (just ask his wife), and loves to tinker with computers and supporting the Stamporama web site.

In recent years Tim has added Nscale model trains to his many hobby interests.

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