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What we collect!

Iran Fakes and Forgeries Iran Persia Scott# not listed

by Lee Coen
18th of October 2017



Green binder collection, stamps. Under inspection-

Known example of Overprint. Persiphila book


Examples are from Persiphilla book.

When I look at the known example of ‘genuine’, I see the ends of the letter ‘C’ are curved in towards the center and the letter ‘C’ is somewhat slender when compared to my Green Binder examples.


Cropped example of the genuine overprint from Persphilla book.

Most people read books at the beginning of the book. I do the same with any handstamp, overprint or surcharge. If you look at just the known example of the letters, you can compare known genuine against questionable stamps. I started at the ‘C’. The green binder collection stamp are much different. More ‘open’ and ‘rounder’. While a mere student of Iran stamps, I see difference.

What do I know about the colors of a valid handstamps? See below:


This is lower page cropped of page #112 of Persiphilla.

Here’s a cropped image of the Scott cat:


Cropped from Scott. Cat.

If you read the note below Parcel Post Stamps, we see reference to colors, blue, black and green ink.

I think I’ll stay with the Persiphilla book. And while very nice interesting stamps, they come out at about a buck a piece, with most of the money in the ‘CTO’ value. I always stay away from CTO stamps. I feel they are made for the new collectors and the more experienced collector. To be honest, too much time to invest in theses stamps.

Going with an industry expert is always the best method.

Hope this helps!


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