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Stamporama Anniversary
The Stamp Club for People Who Love Stamps

What we collect!
What we collect!

Discussion Board Membership Profile Enhancements

Extra features to make the Discussion Board more fun

by Tim Auld
26th of August 2011

As a part of the new Stamporama Discussion Board, a few new features have been added to your membership profile that will make the discussion board easier and more fun to use.

Your Picture or Avatar:
The new Discussion Board uses the picture that you have setup in your membership profile.

Your Picture or Avatar

You have been able to add a picture to your membership profile for a long while.  With this new enhancement, you can upload a picture from your computer and the program will automatically resize it to the appropriate size for the Discussion Board.  This picture is also used in the Stamporama Message system.  As you can see above, you have the option to disallow the Discussion Board from using the picture that you have uploaded.  It should be noted that you can still use an image that you have stored on an image hosting site like photobuck. You just have to key in the URL of the image on the hosting server including the HTTP at the start. Please keep the width to about 150px.

Personal Statement and Message Footer:
The new Discussion Board gives you the ability to have a Personal Statement and a Message Footer, that will appear on each of the messages that you post on the Discussion Board.

Discussion Board Extras

The Personal Statement appears on the left hand side of your message posting, right underneath your picture or avatar. It is just a short phrase that can say anything that you want.  It is completely optional, feel free to leave it blank.

The Message Footer appears on the bottom of each of your Discussion Board Message postings. It is centered underneath your message and appears in red.  This also is completely optional. 

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