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Stamporama Anniversary
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Stamporama Anniversary
The Stamp Club for People Who Love Stamps
Discussion - Member to Member Sales - Research Center

What we collect!
What we collect!

Stamporama Discussion Board Classified Ads Rules

The Classified Ads section of the Discussion Board is provided to facilitate member to member sales, trades, giveaways and wants. Posting replies to classified ads is permitted. However, remember that the discussion board can be read by non-members. To act upon a classified ad, other than asking for clarification of the offer, buyers must respond to the seller using the seller’s contact information found in the member section of the website, or through private message.

Those using the classified ads section must also adhere to the following rules:

1. Classified ads designated as "philatelic" and "stamps" are limited to philatelic-related items, including stamps, covers, supplies, catalogs, albums, album pages, literature, and other philatelic ephemera.

2. Stamporama Yard Sale classified ads are intended for offering non-philatelic items for sale. Discretion should be used in non-philatelic offerings keeping in mind the hobby and collectible nature of Stamporama. Do not post ads offering to sell items that are illegal, or are otherwise offensive.

3. Classified ads must describe, as appropriate, the item being offered, its condition, selling price and shipping terms. Ads that state “ask for details”, "make an offer", or other similar language are not permitted. The items being offered in the ad may not be for sale anywhere else at the same time that the classified ad is active.

4. The descriptions of stamps must include all defects or other notable characteristics. This includes mentioning fakes, forgeries, reprints, repairs. Damage that should be described includes thins, creases, pulled perfs, scuffs, tears, and stains. Reliance on images to communicate problems is not permitted.

5. Do not use comparative and/or superlative language in descriptions including "scarce", "rare", "nice" and similar wording. Avoid using any references to future value, or claims of investments.

6. References to an item's value must be supported by quoting the source of that value, for example: "Scott catalog value"; "Michel catalog value"; "my own estimated realization"; "Numismatic News"; "Wal-Mart Web site", and such. If a catalog is quoted, the catalog year must be given, for example "Scott 2017 catalog value $3.50". Any reference to grading must be accompanied by a current certificate from a competent and recognized expertizing service.

7. Do not post individual classified ads for related items. Combine similar items into one ad. There is no limit to the number of items that may be included in a classified ad. 

8. Outside sales promotions are not permitted, including self-promotions. Do not post ads about, and/or include links to, other websites or promotions of internet auctions or sales.

9. Classified ads are deleted by a Discussion Board Moderator 30 days from the posting date (14 days for auction and approvals ads).

10. Classified ads that do not follow these rules may be deleted without notice at the discretion of a Discussion Board Moderator.

11. Misuse of the Classified Ads section may result in loss of access to the Discussion Boards platform.

12. Stamporama's role in the Classified Ads section is limited exclusively to providing a venue in which to facilitate buying, trading and selling of items between members. Stamporama and The Management Team assume no liability, or guarantee actions or promises of actions by either buyers or sellers.

13. Stamporama and The Management Team will not judge the value of any offering made in a classified ad, unless it is suspicious in nature. Buyers and sellers are advised to be cautious in their transactions, especially with unknown persons. One's best protection lies in knowing the person with whom one is dealing. Stamporama and The Management Team will not act as an arbitrator in disputes arising from posts in the Classified Ads section.

14. Use of the Stamporama Classified Ads section is an acknowledgement of having read these rules, and an agreement to hold harmless Stamporama and The Management Team should any dispute arise between members.

Updated October 3, 2019


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