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Stamporama Anniversary
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What we collect!
What we collect!

Collections and Exhibits Links

1st-3rd Issue US Revenue Stamp's
Possibly the best 1st-3rd Issue US Revenue Stamp website. Lots of identification information, Pictures and backround info. If you have any interest in these stamps you MUST go here!

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
link to my ASTP Exhibit on SOR

Birds of the World on Postage Stamps
My collection of bird stamps arranged by country and species. It includes news of new stamps found on the web, identification features and much more.

Dr. Cheng Chang's Worldwide Collection
"Welcome to Dr. Cheng Chang’s web site of world stamp collection by country. Dr. Cheng Chang intends to collect over 90% of the world’s stamps from 1840, the world’s first stamp, up to and around 1990, though collections from many countries, such as China, Canada, Germany and so on, are up to year of 2000 or even over. This web site is still under construction and will be updated by daily bases. Whenever a country’s collection reaches 90% completion or over, its collection will be posted on this site."

Created by Alyssah Xeniah C. Alcala to showcase her phylatelic exhibit commemorating the Life and Reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Hong Kong Study Circle
The definitive site dedicated to British Colonial Hong Kong postage and revenue stamps.

King George V 1935 Silver Jubilee Study
An excellent website to learn about the 1935 King George V Silver Jubilee omnibus stamp series. The link brings you directly to the page explaining the varieties in the design. Excellent resource for this area.

Manchukuo Stamps: 1932 - 1947
An exhaustive collection of the stamps of Manchukuo ("State of Manchuria"). Excellent and detailed write up with scans of what appear to be the entire run of issues from this puppet state in northeast China and Inner Mongolia created by the Japanese following its seizure from China in 1931.

NY Stock Transfer Tax Stamp Identification
The most complete site about the NY State Stock Transfer Tax Stamps currently on the Internet.

Paleophilatelie.eu - representation of Paleontology in Philately
Paleophilatelie is a topical collecting of post stamps and another kind of philatelic material (covers, post cards, postal stationery, post marks etc.) depicted dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals or plants, fossils, fossil found sites, humans ancestors, paleontologists and contributors to the science as well as some museums with significant paleontological collections. In other worlds this site is about representation of Paleontology in Philately.

The site is being added to on a regular basis, although currently has been dormant during a major change of address. It includes Postal History articles, from New Zealand, Great Britain, Military, Royal Navy, Social Postal History. Philately New Zealand, Great Britain, Fundamentals. Aerophilately Pigeon Post NZ. Postal Stationery NZ, GB, Other. Postcards. Fundamentals. Collectables. Publications. Surplus items. Personal Information.

Scouting For New Zealand
To Promote the exchanging of Stamps of Topics

Sperati Forgery Index
his is an ongoing project that will show Sperati forgeries. It will be added to regularly. Click on hyperlink to go to that country. Click on any stamp to see a 300 dpi image of that forgery.

Stamps for every collector
Kane stamps seeks to help collectors meet their goals for their stamp collection whether it is a high price classic or low to middle price stamps Specializing in Topical stamps but we have stamps from nearly every country on the globe

The Antonius Ra Collection
Excellent general world wide collection. Nicely organized and displayed.

The International Machine Cancel Society
This is the website of the International Machine Cancel Society. The primary focus of the website is on US Machine Cancels, but they study machine cancels from around the world.

The Penny Black Plates
The idea of this section is to allow users to compare the lettering positions of the stamps from various plates in order that they might be able to assign any given stamp to a specific plate, or at least to a group of plates.

The Stamps of Victoria, Australia
This site is dedicated entirely to the philately of the colony of Victoria, Australia, and is provided, free of charge, to assist collectors who specialize in this area.

Third Link Request Test

Unusual Stamps
The 'unusual stamps' are stamps from around the world unconventional, unusual for materials used for forms and visual effects or other peculiarities. In these pages, divided into various sections - mainly inspired by the five senses - you will find interactive, multimedia, three-dimensional lenticular, fragrant with applied materials, made of wood, plastic, cloth or metal, with holograms, heat-sensitive, iridescent, custom , advertising, in Braille, with micro-text or other safety features with sizes from records, bizarre shapes and much more ...

Worldwide Airmail Collection and Blog
This is an extensive collection of unused, worldwide airmail stamps, through 1940. The site also includes a blog with stories of events behind the stamps.

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