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Stamporama Anniversary
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Stamporama Anniversary
The Stamp Club for People Who Love Stamps
Discussion - Member to Member Sales - Research Center

What we collect!
What we collect!

How To ... On Stamporama Links

Designing and Printing your own Album Pages
This is a different kind of link. Many members design, create and print their own custom album pages. Rather than list all the links separately, this link takes you to a discussion of this subject with embedded links to wonderful sites (many FREE). Note especially the threads for July 16, 2009 (2 posts) and August 13, 2013.

How To ... All: Problems with Members Email
Details of problems receiving emails from Stamporama plus a list of members who are having problems.

How To ... Articles: Adding Images to your Articles
Dress up your SOR articles with images - it's easy once you know how.

How To ... Articles: Writing for Stamporama
Stamporama is always looking for new articles to publish on our website. Sharing your philatelic knowledge and experience with others is a great gift that you can give your fellow members, and it is also a great way to expand your own enjoyment of the hobby. In this article Ralph Heymsfeld gives you useful information to get you started on your first article.

How To ... Auction: Get a General Introduction
Stamporama operates an on-line auction (similar to eBay or Yahoo) open to members only. All registered members may post philatelic lots for sale or bid on lots being offered. This article gives you a general introduction to the Stamporama Auction and leads you to further useful information.

How To ... Auction: Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
This article answers many frequently asked questions relating to the Stamporama Auction.

How To ... Auction: Understand the Stamporama Auction Bid Increments
In answer to a question in the discussion board, the webmaster has set out the values used in calculating the Stamporama Auction bid increments.

How To ... Auction: Use Descriptive Terms in the Stamporama Auction
Using common terminology in describing your Auction Lots helps the Buyers understand the exact condition of the Stamp/s that you are offering in the Auction. This article was written by a group of Stamporama Members with a view to assisting all members.

How To ... Auction: View Your Open Auction Lots
For a long while I struggled with not having detailed information on the bids that I had placed on the Stamporama Auctions. Using "View Your Open Auctions" I have that information at my finger tips.

How To ... Discussion Board - A General Overview
This is general introduction for new users to the Stamporama Discussion Board

How To ... Discussion Board: New User Information
This article sets out information for new members when they are wanting to start using the Stamporama Discussion Board.

How To ... Discussion Board: Stop All Those Discussion Board Emails
Have you been swamped with emails from the Stamporama Discussion Board when you are not interested in the particular discussion? Is there a particular topic on the Stamporama Discussion Board that you would like to receive email notifications about? Do you know how to turn these emails on or off? Read on....

How To ... Discussion Board: Upload an Image in Your Discussion Board Message
It is now so easy to upload an image into your Stamporama Discussion Board message posting.

How To ... Discussion Board: Upload Your Picture or Avatar, or Set a Personal Statement or Footer
The Stamporama Discussion Board has some extra features in the Membership Profile that make the discussion board easy and fun to use, such as a picture upload facility to easily upload your picture or avatar, a place to make a personal statement which will display under the Picture to the left of your message, and a Footer Message that displays under your message posting.

How To ... Discussion Board: Use Formatting Tags
This article describes how to use Formatting Tags in the Stamporama Discussion Board message postings.

How To ... Invoicing: Mark the Auction Invoiced as Paid
Communication between the buyers and sellers in the Stamporama auction can at times be problematic. The new function to enable the buyer to mark an invoice as paid so that both parties can see that the payment is on it's way can only help.

How To ... Invoicing: Use the Stamporama Invoicing System
This article gives you step by step instructions in how to use the Stamporama Invoicing system.

Scanning tips: Basics
Here is a very helpful site that defines and explains the basics in scanning. This will be helpful for the seller, as well as archivists.

DISCLAIMER: Listing any site or page in this Links area does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Stamporama or any of its members, and anyone accessing these sites or pages, or downloading or purchasing items from these sites or pages, does so at their own risk and hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Stamporama and its members for any alleged harm resulting therefrom.

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